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Help Wanted

* Do you want to enhance your skills to become a better listener and communicator with others?

* Do you have a desire to serve others and to be an instrument of Christ’s love and compassion in helping others in need at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (GSLC)?

* Would you like to gather regularly, with fellow Christians, to grow in your faith by learning, training, and praying together while serving others?

* Do you have time in your busy schedule to help others?

There is an opportunity for you at GSLC and your help is needed. There is no pay for this position, but if you have time, and are led to help others, the rewards are a blessing to you and our Church. You will be an instrument of God and a conduit from Christ to witness their work of bringing solace and encouragement to others in need.  Our Lord does the curing work to help others, your role is to be present as a caregiver in a serving role.

Currently GSLC has 10 active Stephen Ministers who are currently filling the role described above by serving and caring for 10 individuals in our Christian community. The Stephen  Ministry was started a little less than 2 years ago with training and has been active in care giving a little less than a year.  What a blessing it is to have all available Stephen Ministers providing care. There are more and new caring needs now and will be in the future so our Church and Ministry will need to train and equip new Stephen Ministers to fulfill the growing care giving need.

On behalf of our Stephen Ministry Board at GSLC we request anyone interested in becoming a Stephen Minister now  or in the future to prayerfully consider this opportunity. We are hoping to start up a new class in early 2017. To learn more about this Ministry at GSLC contact one of the following board members for more information: Earl K., Janet C., Don L., Clarice O., Pastor Mackie, and Curt S.. In addition, to learn more about the worldwide Stephen Ministry outreach and organization there is information on the table in the narthex and info can be found on the web at

In closing, we give thanks and praise to our Lord for allowing, through his will, our Ministry to grow at GSLC. We also thank our Stephen Leaders, Ministers, Board members, and care receivers for their willingness to serve.

“Bear one another’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ” (Galatians 6:2, NRSV).


I Am Made Of Clay – LWML Ladies Night Out

Do you enjoy seeing a potter throw clay on a wheel and then watch as the potter’s hands transform a pile of mud into something useful?  If the answer is yes, then you need to join us at the annual LWML event,  Ladies Night Out.  This year’s theme, is based on Isaiah 64:8.  …We are the clay, you are the potter, we are all the work of your hand.   Our guest potter, Christina Lorenzen, from Made of Clay Pottery, will share her skills in a demonstration.
Date: Tuesday, Oct. 6. Time: 6:00 pm. Where: Royal Delights Café & Bakery (Precious Moments).  The cost of the meal, including gratuity, is $10.00.  Please RSVP by using the sign-up sheet in the narthex or by calling Mary P., , or Judy G.,, by Sunday evening, Oct. 4

New Project Thank You

Karen L. and Judy G. have started a new project on behalf of Good Shepherd.  They are sewing fabric hearts for Freeman NICU.  The heart is worn against the mother’s skin so that the fabric might absorb the scent of the mother.  The heart is then placed with    the baby in the isolette so the mother is always with her child.    They would like to thank everyone who has donated  flannel for this project.  The congregation was so generous. They have enough fabric to last for quite awhile.  When the time comes that they are in need of more, they will let you know.  Thanks again for your generosity and also for your quick response!

LWML Valentine Bake Sale

~ Sunday, February 8, in the narthex after both services.

~ Proceeds will help offset convention costs for those attending.

~ Come prepared that Sunday for some delicious goodies!